This campaign is based on the More Than Meets the Eye and Robots in Disguise comic series. It begins with the events of The Death of Optimus Prime, directly following the events of last arc of the Chaos mini-series summarized below:

In the skies above Cybertron, Arcee and Hardhead try to explain current events to the Kimia Facility refugees. Thanks to Galvatron hacking his mind, which allowed him to do the same in reverse, Hardhead is able to lay an info dump and explain that Galvatron has been raising his armies and wielding the Heart of Darkness to try and stop the D-Void emerging into the universe, but the Heart is D-Void, conning Galvatron into turning the dead world of Cybertron into a Dead Universe portal so D-Void can make everyone dead. Swerve heroically simplifies the situation to “stop bad guys, save universe”.
Down on Cybertron, everything is up the creek: the titanic D-Void avatar composed of the Decepticons’ bodies is tearing through the ruins, and only Megatron stands against it while the Autobots flee for their lives. Deep under the surface, Drift is bleeding out while Rodimus and Optimus Prime are aware, thanks to the Matrix, that Galvatron’s going to doom them all. To Ironhide’s dismay, he’s being sent back to the surface to get help for Drift, rather than guard Optimus.
Despite horrific wounds, Megatron refuses to give in and blasts the D-Void’s avatar to bits; deep underground, Galvatron feels the pain and can’t work out why. As he reels, the Primes arrive to stop him before he can release the Heart… except he already has done so. Up in space, the Kimia shuttle’s readouts tell it Cybertron is no longer there and navigation is impossible; Arcee, zen-like, points out you can see the planet because it’s a planet. Unfortunately, the planet is being ripped apart by storms and the crew are forced to bail out for cover, while the Decepticons on the surface crumble to rust… And below, Galvatron bellows that he’s won…
And then the shuttle crashes on him. (“Did we get him?”, asks Hardhead.)
The Primes have an opening but the D-Void is coming through, consuming Vector Sigma as it does. Rodimus realizes that the only way to stop it is, of course, the Matrix. Optimus Prime is against the idea, as with Sigma and Cybertron both lost, it’s the only part of their heritage left; Rodimus argues that he just knows the Matrix can save them, but Prime remains doubtful. Those doubts allow Galvatron to shoot him in the back. He snarls that he is going to unite their race as their new leader, that there’s no secret allies left to ambush him—and then Cyclonus rams him, enraged by what he’s been made to do to the planet he loved. Galvatron swats him aside but, as he dissolves, realizes his failure to see the true forces at work.
Optimus Prime realizes he must use the Matrix after all, and opens it to the light the darkest hour…


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